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Doubts and questions

Could we choose the String trio or Duet instead of the String Quartet?

Yes, sure. If you have less than 70 gests, the String Trio could be a great option. For 30 gests or less, the String Duo could work if your wedding celebration is placed in a small indoor space. 

Where do we start our songs' selection?

You should have a look into our recomendations. Just click on MUSIC FOR THE CEREMONY and take some ideas. You can also listen to some songs on our MULTIMEDIA space.

At what time do you arrive to the venue on the wedding day?

On the wedding day we use to arrive around 45 minuts before the ceremony. This way we set everything up and try the place's acoustics. 

Could you play a song that is not in you list of songs?

Usually, yes. First of all we need to listen to that special song. If we agree that it could work, we could play it. However, that's a means a lot of work therefore it has and extra cost.

Could a relative or a friend play one song with you?

Yes! We only need she/he to be available to make a little rehearsal on the wedding day.

Do we have to choose the songs for the drinks & tapas time?

Not at all. We have plenty of time during the drinks & tapas (about one hour minimum) so we can play a lot of songs. We only need you to let us know which style of songs you enjoy the most and we'll do the rest.

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